Labels We Love: Maison Scotch

Based out of Amsterdam, Maison Scotch proves that age is only a number. After being started in 2010 as a branch off of the men’s label Scotch and Soda, Maison Scotch has quickly captured the attention of fashion lovers everywhere. In just 3 years, the label has created an iconic branding for itself, becoming known for feminine elegance with an edgy twist. Always rich in detail, their designs are eye catching and unique. The A/W collection for 2013 evokes a southwestern feeling, mixed with metals and vintage prints.


1. Denim Jacket with Leather Sleeves 2. Skull Earring Series 3. Baseball Inspired Color block Dress 4. Voyage Skinny Dynamite Blue Pant 5. Copper Colored Metal Necklace 6. French Top in Feather Print 7. Classic 60′s Throw Jacket 8. Snake Skin Optic Clutch

Pantone Fall Colors

Pantone, the world renowned authority of color, released their Fall fashion color report for 2013 and we couldn’t be more inspired. Inspired by the colors of fashions seen at New York Fashion Week this past Spring, Pantone selected bright hints of magenta and emerald, as well as subtle and savory hues of deep green and cappuccino. We’ve found some Revelry Row pieces that will point you in the right direction for Pantone’s Fall colors.


Monday Measures: Santo Diablo

NYC-based producer, Cabo Blanco, released a new song in conjunction with the record label, Enchufada, a few days ago. Ever since I’ve downloaded “Santo Diablo”, I have had it on repeat non-stop. It’s hard to put it down especially when the track is so full of life it never ages. Taking Dominican merengue, Cabo Blanco seamlessly cuts the vocals and attributes the sample to a well controlled melody that keeps you engaged. Please take a listen, download it below, and add it to your Sunday Barbecue playlist.

Ladies & Gentlemen, next up, “Santo Diablo” by Cabo Blanco

Lose Sight

Whether it is traveling across the ocean or moving to a new city, taking these chances are what allows us to achieve our dreams. When I was younger I was lost in who I was and what I wanted out of life. I was stuck in this comfortable and predictable rut and I knew I needed change. I moved to New York City and it changed my life. I was so afraid and nervous about being alone in such a new place, but I knew I had to get out there and take the chance. I had to cross my own ocean and lose sight of the shore even when I didn’t know what was waiting on the other side.


Triangular Treasure

A jewelry trend that I am personally excited about is the use of triangles. It’s modern and sleek, yet still adds a textural dimension that makes it stand out. I love the use of metals that are shaping this trend (have I mentioned how much I love gold?). The metals add a simplicity to this motif that makes it iconic, not gaudy. Some designers are also adding a pop of color in the triangles that remind me of an aztec dream. I think this trend is here to stay with Fall only bringing more of this simple shape.


Notes from the Past

When I look at old pictures of fashions from the past, I can’t help but think how glamorous everyone always looked. No matter the destination, women always dressed to impress in impeccable outfits and accessories. We can truly “learn from the past” and take note of these iconic looks. We’ve found a few Revelry Row pieces with a little vintage flair that will instantly transport you back to the past.


Find Joy

As we rush through out our busy lives and find the days just passing by, we miss the beauty in the every day. Sometimes it can be as simple as a ray of sunlight or the sound of the wind that can bring us any comfort or happiness that we need. No matter where we are or what we are doing, we should all just take a minute to notice the world around us.